International Custody Disputes

When separation is inevitable after an unsuccessful relationship, the custody of the children, or
visitation rights for parents are the most important issues. Thus, during and after the divorce process,
some of the most common questions are; who will have custody over the kids. Or, whether you will
have the right to have visits with your child and spend some time with them for the rest of the time
after separation.

When the parents are of different nationality, the problems related with custody of minors increase.
Some of the most common issues are: whether a parent can have custody rights or visitation rights
if the other parent moves with the children to another country. Or, whether one parent can decide
unilaterally to move out of country with children to start a new life there. If so, whether the left behind
parent can have rights to visit his children in the foreign nation.

What are your rights? , under which law your rights are best protected? Which law is applicable? Can
a US custody order be valid in another country? Those are only a few of the questions that you may
have. But do not struggle any more to find a response, you have just found the right place on the web to
search for the right advise for your case.

In order to get the right legal answers, you need to speak to the right legal counsel. Thus, if your
questions involve issues of International Law, or foreign Law, you need to consult a Private International
lawyer. As a Private International Lawyer, Mr. Arias is always there to help you to understand how the
International law system works. What are your legal options, and how your rights can be upheld both
domestically and internationally.

The principal benefit of choosing our office for your International custody Dispute is that you will have
a lawyer who can fight for your rights with a binational or multinational legal perspective. Call us now
and start to move on the right direction!