Doing Business in United States

Perhaps you are a company, or an individual who does not live or work in the United States, but you would like to do business in the United States.  Or, you may want to enter into the biggest market in the world.

Well, for purposes of seeking international commercial legal advice, you are in the right place. Not only because you would receive our advise for your business transactions or your legal needs. But more importantly because we understand how difficult is to come from a different country, a different culture, and a different way of doing business.  Here, you can talk and do not need to explain. We know what you mean!

As an individual with dual citizenship, dual cultural background, and dual legal education, Jesus Eduardo Arias LL.M., has learned the fundamental differences and coincidences of two & more different countries and their people.  Therefore, here your lawyer will understand you and your clients, and will provide you just what you need, International Commercial Transaction advise, at the very top of standard of care.

Give us a call and discover a new approach of legal profession, called “International law commercial advisor”.